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How you feel is no indication of how healthy you are?

You can have just 20% kidney or liver function left, yet show virtually no symptoms?

Your body will break down muscle, bone and other body tissue in order to free up nutrients for more important bodily processes? 

Certain tests can identify environmental toxicities and their effect on your health?

Using objective laboratory testing allows Doctor Rodriguez to evaluate your unique results & identify emerging health problems, before it’s too late?

The Science Based Nutrition report is the most comprehensive analysis available. Below are some of the key features:

Individualized supplement recommendations & dosages specific to test findings, age, sex, & weight of the patient

Correlation of drug side effects with patient test finding

Dietary recommendations with meal recipes

Compare color-coded current and previous test results on the same page

Incorporates multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including the patients symptoms, medications, blood tests, hair tests, chelation and urine tests 

So how do you know how healthy you really are?

Here are some warning signs...

Bruise easily?  It could be…
•    Fragile arterioles/capillaries
•    Thrombocytopenia
•    Vitamin C deficiency  

Joint and muscle pain?  It could be…
•    Autoimmune disorders
•    Fibromyalgia 
•    Chronic Fatigue
•    Lyme's Disease

  Heal slowly?  It could be…
•    Environmental: Toxic metals and chemicals
•    Multiple nutritional deficiencies
•    Lowered immune system

  Experience frequent gas and 
  bloating?  It could be…
•    Gallbladder or liver dysfunction
•    Poor dietary habits
•    Food allergies

  Have chronic skin problems? 
  It could be…
•    Environmental allergies
•    Liver disease
•    Skin ulcers can indicate vascular impairments or arteriosclerosis
•    Food allergies, toxicities or sensitivities 

These signs may be indications of serious illness or disease.  Let us test and let's find out, together we can find the solution for you.

If you are interested in getting a nutritional program created just for you set up a consultation today! Call 786-360-6355