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*  Chiropractic Care

*  Physical Therapy

*  Acupuncture and Energy Work

*  Computer Assisted Testing and Treatment 

*  Sport Medicine

*  Nutrition

*  Herbal/Botanical/Homeopathic Medicines

*  Alternatives to Medicine 

*  Individual health and Weight Loss Programs

*  Healing LASER Therapy

*  Blood and Urinalysis Testing/Saliva Testing/Hair analysis http://gableshealersciencebasednutrition.com/

*  Discounted Lab Diagnostics http://gableshealersciencebasednutrition.com/

*  Specialty Diagnostics/Neurotransmitter Testing

*  Specialty Nutrition and Herbal medicine store available to our patients 

Chiropractic- Puts crooked misaligned joints back into their proper position. A hand held vibrational type tool is the usual method of treatment. 

Physical Medicine- We diagnose and treat all types of physical injuries and problems. Emphasis being on correction and restoration versus symptom treatment. The physical therapy at the office is geared up to restore normal pain free motion to the injured area.

Natural Pharmacy- We carry a complete line of natural products from around the world, all of which has been chosen or created by our doctor. We ship natural medicine all over the country and internationally. All natural medicine purchased through the clinic is tax deductible.

Alternatives to Medicine- We are unique in diagnosing body imbalances and their correction with natural products including enzymes, herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics. Common problems treated are infections, hormone imbalances, brain chemistry imbalances, and diseases associated with toxicity.  Many of the problems treated by natural methods far surpass what ever could have been done with drug therapy.

Cold LASER Therapy- Provides faster healing and regeneration to injured areas; especially nerve, skin and muscle. Laser therapy is a cutting edge treatment used by doctors who treat the worst conditions and diseases, and has been used by the top professional athletes in the world including; Tiger Woods and The Kansas City Chiefs Football Team.

Neurotransmitter Testing-  Brain chemistry can now be evaluated via urine test.   Depression, anxiety, weight gain, low libido and many other problems that have their origin in the brain chemistry imbalances can be corrected more precisely and with natural medicine.  This is a big innovation over using drugs that are prescribed based on symptoms.

Discounted Lab Diagnostics- We are part of a medical co-op which allows our patients to receive lab work at a discounted rate.  Most tests are about 50-75% less.  For more information check out www.gableshealersciencebasednutrition.com

Wellness Plans-  We have discounted treatment plans for our patients and their families who wish to receive supportive care for their well being.