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After over a quarter century of practice in addition to taking care of your spine and nervous system, and addressing aches and pains in different parts of your body, muscles and joints. Dr. Rodriguez Munnet has evolved his techniques to profoundly relax and clear your stress, to help your muscles and organs work better and to restore the proper working order of your whole body / person.  

Here at Advance Health & Wellness Solutions, Dr. Rodriguez Munnet has the following areas of emphasis.

1) Human clinical grade nutrition—including helping with safe and natural detoxification and weight loss. Read More.

2) Herbal medicines and homeopathics Read More.

3) Chinese and Eastern medicine and acupressure techniques with an emphasis on analyzing where your problem is in your energy system—using electro-meridian imaging computer graph generated analysis and traditional Chinese wrist pulse diagnosis—and support for relaxation, anti-stress, proper sleep, restoration of depleted states, and anti-aging. Read More.

4) Accelerated healing and pain relief via ultra-modern equipment, for example (painless) cold low level energy red LASER Read More.

5) Modern Neurology and applied kinesiology-which give insights and technique methods that can be used to strengthen and balance nagging, abnormal, even long standing and severe problems in your body.  In short, knowledge that allows us to produce clinical miracles as a matter of fact and a matter of course, in an intended manner with anticipation. Read More.

6) The Science Behind Our Objective & Personal Blood-Based Wellness Program is a complete natural health solution based on scientific and objective testing including blood, urine and hair.  Dr. Rodriguez's Science Based Nutrition report provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and or any dysfunction identified from the test results. Read More.

Dr. Rodriguez Munnet has a deep knowledge of human nutrition and can work with and help you if you have inadequacies in your body chemistry; or if deficiencies in your diet are contributing to your health problems.  Some health problems seem unrelated to nutritional deficiencies--but are, and not just one but many factors that relate to the same thing.  For example, sometimes chronic spasms and muscle pains are related to calcium deficiency or an inability to absorb or use calcium, you see calcium problems are not just related to insufficient calcium in the diet, but may be due to other vitamins that help absorb and use calcium that might also be missing in your diet—you may lack one of these other food factors, or have a combination of all these deficiencies.  The point is that all these issues must be addressed or else it won’t be resolved—for example, simply adding calcium to the diet is not the total answer.  Another example, is problems with the skin—like acne—are related to a need for particular forms of vitamin ‘E’ that are only found in or are useful when found in and from green plants or unique seeds.  Dr. Bert knows how to tell what and where your deficiency comes from and will be able to advise you, recommend and actually provide you with exactly the type and form of nutrition that is right for you.

Dr. Rodriguez Munnet has profound knowledge of herbal medicine.  As the first and original ‘medicine’, herbs go to work quickly to reduce unwanted conditions or stress states, support and allow the proper working of your body and help you feel better.  Herbals can be used to support and counter-act the effects of daily stress and fatigue so you can maintain and sustain a healthy, normal and vigorous lifestyle, to keep you at work or play as you need with the minimum of interruption of your life.  Sometimes, herbs can be used to help support proper sleep in persons that are either not able to go to sleep at night, don’t have enough sleep, or have a restless sleep.  Other times having the right nutrition is not enough to relieve and reduce unwanted feelings or experiences; herbs expedite and bridge situations quickly and effectively with minimum risks, a very high degree of safety, and very low to no interactions with other parts of your body and life.  Keep in mind, the right herb, in the right quantity, of the right quality is essential in order to have the desirable and beneficial effects you want.  Dr. Rodriguez Munnet can provide you with the right combination in the right quantity that would be the most effective and beneficial for you.  He can even design and provide liquid herbal formula combinations—made to order, right in the office—that are more potent, absorb better and more easily, work faster, and are made specifically for you and your needs.

Dr. Rodriguez Munnet uses the principles of Chinese Medicine and Accupuncture—along with herbals and the cold red low level LASER—to heal and treat you.  He doesn’t use needles and doesn’t have to.  He uses his hands in a very safe and easy manner to take away pain, de-stress and strengthen the whole body.  What makes all this particularly effective is the unique form of analysis of your particular needs—by using the electrical emissions that come from your body to create a computer generated graph display; and also, sometimes your wrist pulses.

Dr. Rodriguez Munnet has an extensive knowledge of cold low level energy red LASER—that can be used to help many different situations that might otherwise not respond to traditional or conventional methods of care.  Cold low level energy red LASER accelerates healing and pain relief while strengthening and balancing function in the body. 

Dr. Rodriguez Munnet uses the principles of modern neurology and applied kiniesiology which allow him to accurately and quickly see and safely test and take care of and give recommendations for, situations that would otherwise be difficult or not be possible to help or where results have been insufficient or found lacking.He has a profound knowledge of and emphasizes adjusting of the extremities especially the feet.  Many times stress states or pains will not respond unless the feet are properly adjusted and conditioned to hold you upright and balanced. 

Dr. Rodriguez's Science Based Nutrition report provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and or any dysfunction identified from the test results. This program offers an innovative  look at nutritional strengths and weaknesses through an individual's blood test and analysis of hair, urine, and stool. This scientific approach can offer a clear plan for your optimum health.

The care provided in Dr. Rodriguez Munnet’s office can be used to stand on its own, or along with other care, as a help or support for other methods of care or more conventional doctors or surgeons, or to aid in the things you or your doctor(s) are doing now.